Spotlight on the Makai Internship Program

KarenKaren 2

Our beloved intern from Germany, Karen, was already battle-hardened on the field of marketing when she joined the Makai Inc. team earlier this year. In fact, she already worked for six months at the German office in Leipzig. Over here in El Segundo the 23 year-old was first assigned tasks linked to Operations, but soon after her resourcefulness and creativity were put to use on Social Media and Business Development. Karen’s best qualities came to show as she swiftly adjusted to the new assignments. Among many other things, Karen successfully manages and evaluates Makai´s social networks, routinely prepares meetings with clients and writes our blog as well as our monthly newsletter. A fruitful professional symbiosis emerged when Brianna Castillo, our Business Development Manager, took Karen under her wing. Now one thing is for sure, Brianna does not look forward to the day our German intern heads back home to Germany. Karen’s distinguished diligence and ability to deliver will surely be missed around here. Auf Wiedersehen.


AlbeBerto 2rto

A Spaniard rounded out the batch of interns coming from the German office. The 28-year-old from Bilbao, Spain, exhibits an extensive international background that nicely fits into Makai’s intercultural working environment. Alberto’s linguistic skills have also come in very handy in a market that is undergoing a remarkable Hispanic acculturation (see previous entry). He has brought his versatility to bear in many different situations and scenarios. Unlike Karen, Alberto exclusively works in Operations, but his contribution sometimes spills into other areas of responsibility, most notably out on the field. The Spaniard will surely never forget the time when he took the reins of a promotional tour in North California and embarked upon a two-week journey as assistant to the Field Manager. Nor will he forget the many times he has worked as a Brand Ambassador  all over Los Angeles. Back in the office, he efficiently assists in multiple programs and has maintained direct communication with some of our clients. As the end of his training draws closer, he hopes for a full-time position at Makai Inc., where he is convinced he can thrive professionally. Hasta la vista, baby.




Born and raised in Washington, Chanel decided to become part of the Makai team during her summer break from college. Her friendlypersonality and genuine readiness to taking on new tasks has quickly found multiple outlets both in the office as well as on the field. The 21 year-old extensively supports Operations in two major programs and now hopes to bring the newly acquired knowhow back to Seattle, where she will resume classes this fall at Washington University. Good luck and happy graduation!



A third European nationality is represented in the Makai team by an affable 21 year-old named Ryan. Straight out of London, this big-hearted Brit displays an enormous commitment to complete the very physical tasks that are usually associated with warehouse-related work. However, his dedication to duty does not stop at the many piles of product stacked in the back of our building, but it goes well beyond that. He never hesitates in offering a helping hand to his colleagues in the office and that attitude is always highly appreciated. Towards the end of his stay at Makai Inc. he took off his warehouse gloves and went on to support Operations in various programs. Cheers, mate!



The other U.S. born intern in our midst is an undergraduate student pursuing a degree in Business Administration at Boston University. Like Chanel, the 19 year-old Willy used his summer break to bag a professional experience with us. He works hand in hand with Ryan to support our warehouse manager in every possible way, from keeping track of a constantly changing inventory, to storing product orderly, to helping our Field Mangers load the vans we drive on our promotional tours. And boy, he’s tackled every single one of these responsibilities!

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